DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION: Emma Goldman’s American Years is a new play written and directed by Ashley Hollingshead based upon the feared and famed Anarchist’s life. Starting with her infamous misquote “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution” and ending with her deportation, DDR explodes the idea of Goldman: revolutionary Anarchist, free-love advocate, and “the most dangerous woman in America”. 

A mash-up of contemporary dialogue, pop music, and the text from some of Goldman’s greatest speeches combine to explore the enduring concept of how to live your ideal when the world seems stacked against you. Of course, there will be dancing.

Featuring Cosmo Reynolds, Austyn Stone, Virginia Thayer, and kd sweaney 

Written and Directed by Ashley Hollingshead 

With Stage Management by Talle Selhorst 

Projection Design by Tamara Carroll 

Costume Design by Debra Muir 

Light design by Sophina Flores